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The Staircase

The Staircase

The Staircase (HBO Max) aired on 2022 and belongs to the following categories: Best 2022 TV shows, Best Detective TV Shows of 2022, Best TV Miniseries of 2022, Crime, Drama, New Detective TV Shows. The IMDB rating is 6,96 (updated 09-18-2023). Tv-Show directed by Antonio Campos. HBO Max aired 1 seasons and 8 episodes for now.


An exploration of the life of Michael Peterson, his sprawling North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson.

The Staircase review by Soap2day

Definitely, The Staircase deserves attention. It makes you think about some important questions.

The abundance of situations understandable to millions of viewers makes this series one of the best in the Crime, Drama genre.

The project 2022 deserves attention or at least a chance to watch the pilot series, where just the first scene demonstrates the model of conceptual construction of the plot development.

Despite the length of the series of 65 minutes, the story has great dynamics in the actions of the characters, as all the visual rhythm is absolutely natural.

Antonio Campos hits the pressure points at the right rhythm. The audience honestly opens their mouths and tries to breathe more often.

This series is definitely the best role for all of its main characters. And with confidence I can say that with such bright actors as Colin Firth, Dane DeHaan, Michael Stuhlbarg, Odessa Young, Olivia DeJonge, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Rosemarie DeWitt, Sophie Turner, Tim Guinee, Toni Collette. The series could not fail to be successful.

All 1 seasons of this series will long be a measure of the professionalism of the writers and actors on TV.

Unpredictable and exciting plot. Already from the first episodes the viewer is drawn in - it becomes interesting what will happen next in the remaining 8 episodes, and how the main characters will act.

HBO Max is truly the king of soap operas.

Annapurna Television, HBO Max today is a stable provider of TV series with iconic potential.

The Staircase
The Staircase
The Staircase
The Staircase
The Staircase