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An unprofessional documentary film crew follows five amateur runners as they train for Devil’s Canyon Marathon, an offbeat desert race organized by Ed Clap, a desperate shoe store owner pulling out all the stops to celebrate its fifteenth year.

Marathon review by Soap2day

Marathon immerses the viewer in the atmosphere perfectly created by the director.

For all the 82 minutes this movie is running, there is not a minute that will be wasted watching it.

The director managed to contain in this movie all the chips inherent in the genre Comedy.

One of the few movies released in 2021 that has won the hearts of many viewers.

Anthony Guidubaldi, Keith Strausbaugh`s ability to set the accents in all the right places made the movie a real piece of work.

On the screen live out their roles as in life.

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Genre: Comedy

Director: ,


Duration: 82 min


IMDb: 5.4

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Rotten Tomatoes: 95%