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Holiday Breakup

Holiday Breakup

Polar opposites meet and fall in love, but it isn’t long before their relationship is on the rocks. In order to get through the holiday season without too much drama they decide to pretend they are still a couple, but their plan takes an unexpected turn.

Holiday Breakup review by Soap2day

Holiday Breakup - a flawless and tasteful cinematography for the demanding viewer.

For all the 88 minutes this movie is running, there is not a minute that will be wasted watching it.

The director managed to contain in this movie all the chips inherent in the genre Comedy, Romance.

One of the best movies of 2016, combining all the experience of the film industry of the past years.

Thanks to Temple Mathews, many of the actors played their best roles in this movie.

The wonderful cast of actors, consisting of Allison Tolman, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Derek DuChesne, Diane Robin, Hannah Pilkes, Jennifer Aspen, Jordan James Smith, Katie Leclerc, Manon Mathews, Matt Riedy, Mindy Sterling, Rene Hamilton, Shawn Roe, admire their professionalism.

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Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 4.4

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