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A Prueba

A Prueba

Marta, who is in probationary period in the border guard, realizes how a simple traffic ticket on the border turns into blackmail on the authority. This fact will make her question everything.

A Prueba review by Soap2day

Get your popcorn on, because A Prueba won`t let you go until the very end.

If you don`t know what to do in the next 14 minutes, devote that time to watching A Prueba and you won`t be disappointed.

This movie stands out among similar films in the genre with its unconventional plot.

This movie was made in 2016 and is watched in one breath.

Pablo L. de Aramburu`s ability to set the accents in all the right places made the movie a real piece of work.

On the screen Juanma Lara, Miguel Hermoso Arnao, Pedro Lanzas, Virginia de Morata live out their roles as in life.

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Duration: 14 min